Beautiful Imari of an unknown maker, late 1800s

Strictly speaking this is of course an antique piece. But I have included it into my Vintage shop because it is impossible to find out who made it, and it isn’t particularly valuable. But it is so beautiful!

Imari patterns were very popular in the imported china from Asia that British tea drinkers used in the late 1700s. Once Britain started to make its own china in the early 1800s, they developed their own versions of Imari. It then got forgotten for a while, until in the late 1800s, inspired by the restored trade links with Japan, new Japanese art came our way. The Brits had taken a few basic elements from traditional Japanese and Chinese patterns and then created their very own, rather mixed-up version of Asian tradition – and this all happened while the Japanese started to produce china with beautiful English roses to compete with the British market!

This is a large cake plate that will hold mountains of muffins, cake or scones – time for a tea party! You can find the listing here in my Vintage shop.

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