Warm red from Worcester – 1938

This is an unusually elegant tea set for four, made by Royal Worcester in the years just before the outbreak of the Second World War. This tea set has everything of the British tradition in it: elegance, homeliness, comfort and artistic influences from abroad. After the war, everything would change and British china production would never reach the same level of excellent, until it would die a slow death in the 1960s and 1970s, outpaced by mass production in the Far East, the rise of plastics and people’s changed habits (mugs! large ones).

Royal Worcester is one of the very long established potteries in England. It has very much its own tradition of round shapes and beautiful designs often with finely painted birds and flowers – it is quite different from the Staffordshire, Derby and Swansea traditions. Deep red is a recurring theme on Worcester designs, and this as well as the beautiful round shape can be recognised in this beautiful tea set.

This is a fabulous set for four, hardly ever used so it’s in great condition. It would make a stunning addition to any interior and an amazing gift for a special occasion. You can find the listing here in my Vintage shop.

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