Wonderful green – H&R Daniel, ca 1840

I have written before about Henry Daniel, the colour genius. Here is another stunning piece: a teacup and saucer plus a large plate, which might have bene a cake plate or a teapot stand – this is hard to say without seeing the rest of the original set. In any case, the large plate fits plenty of cake and sandwiches, so be prepared for a long afternoon tea!

There are some beautifully painted little flowers on each item. If you look carefully, you see what tea does to you: in the bottom of the teacup, the flowers are closed as by night, then on the saucer and the large plate, they have fully opened. Ding…!

Whenever I look at these Daniel items, I realise that the perfectly painted, vivid little flowers are really only an excuse for the magnificent colour of the background. I have never seen this shade of green and probably never will again – a truly unique shade that could only come out of the H&R Daniel studio.

You can find the listing here in my Antiques shop.

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