Gorgeous Japanese pattern – Shelley 1912

When the famous Wileman pottery turned into the even more famous Shelley pottery in 1910, their groundbreaking designs were continued and modernised. This is an early Shelley design, which has the beautiful Japanese-inspired Imari flowers that Wileman was very good at, but already has the smooth grace of the Shelley designs. The decoration is called “Ashbourne” and the shape of the cups is called “Gainsborough”. It sounds posh and it looks posh… and these cups are a delight to drink from. My grandmother had these cups when I was a child. She had them hidden under an oriental cloth on her tea table. While she was taking her afternoon nap I would tiptoe to the table, lift the cloth and feel the smoothness of the cups with my finger 🙂

This is a set for four including a milk jug and sugar bowl. You can find the listing here in my Antiques shop.

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